Which Candidate will get the better position?

Will it be –-

The person whose resume is just part of the “wallpaper” on those cluttered internet job sites? Or the one who blindly stays with his or her current employer for years?

There’s a third possibility – 

It could be the person who has a personal agent. Someone who is motivated to find the best position possible for you, a person who is aware of high-quality openings nationally and constantly in search of new opportunities that might be of interest to you?

Put Platinum Search Consultants to work on your behalf, today.

  • You are in total control of our direction at all times. 
  • After you define the parameters of the positions that interest you, we’ll do all the searching. 
  • Relax. Our search won’t impact your personal time. 
  • There’s no cost to you. The hiring company pays our fee. 
  • We are employment specialists with extensive knowledge and experience. 
  • Our search will be totally confidential. Your identity will be released only with your permission, when you feel it is appropriate. 

If you’re not completely satisfied with your present job, why not explore what else is out there and consider making a change for the better – painlessly and at no cost to you -- through Platinum Search Consultants? 

We assist executives and professionals find better, more satisfying, positions. Almost daily, we encounter situations where employees are being compensated below the going rate in their own area. Often, a simple move to employer, in the same geographic area, means an increase of 10% or more.

Make More Money

Who doesn’t want to earn more than they’re making today? But realistically, your boss will not come up to you anytime soon and say, “You know, it suddenly occurred to me that we’re not paying you enough. We should increase your salary.” 

For many people today, the best way to increase their compensation is by changing employers and negotiating a better salary when they do. Now, more than ever, a job change is the best route a raise. 

In today’s employment market, you owe it to yourself and your family to ensure that you are being compensated fairly. Platinum Search Consultants can give you up-to-date information about the demand level for your skills plus the salaries that employers are currently paying professionals like you. 

You will find that Platinum Search Consultants will be your agent, your advocate, your career consultant whose primary role is to find opportunities that offer you the most satisfaction, both professionally and financially.

We Do The Work

As you continue to work in your present position, Platinum Search Consultants can be ever alert for advancement opportunities you’ve told us you’re interested in. It’s like having your own promotional agent knocking on all the right doors, all the time, on your behalf! 

Just give us your basic information and we’ll take it from there. We’ll evaluate your background and experience, then screen hundreds of thousands of opportunities and zero-in on those best suited for you.

Because most qualified individuals are already working more than 40 hours a week, they just don’t have time to do even a half-hearted job of searching. Sure, you can scan the Internet in the evenings, but there’s so much out there the whole process can be exhausting.

How does someone sift through more than 30,000 job sites and millions of jobs to find that one perfect position? How do you identify the best ones? How do you separate the truly good opportunities from the ones that are little more than a joke? Well, now you don’t have to. With a nationwide network of over 400 Associates, we’ll do the searching for you.

You’re In Charge

You have nothing to lose except an opportunity that may never come again. 

You will never pay a fee to Platinum Search Consultants. Our coaching, advice, and information are completely free to you. When you do accept a position that we find for you, the hiring company pays our fee. Which is also why we work so hard to get it right for you -- we don’t get paid until we’ve found exactly what you want, and you accept.

It’s your call. You’re in complete charge, always. Our Associates carefully follow your instructions, identifying those positions you might be interested in and, of course, are qualified for. Then, you’re in the driver’s seat, evaluating opportunities and selecting those that you want to pursue.

Naturally, all personal information provided to Platinum Search Consultants is strictly confidential. Your name never enters our conversations with employers until you give us the green light.

Let's talk! Send us an email at resumes@platinumsearchconsultants.com with a copy of your résumé attached and let's discuss potential opportunities.